Thursday, April 3, 2014

Welcome Music Artists and Music Lovers to KLH Music Promotion

I have always had music growing up listening to various GENRES. It wasn't until I moved away my hometown state of Maryland to Phoenix, Arizona suburbs in 2000. Started a new life listening to music that I never heard before. Then decided I needed to move to Southern Arizona to improve my health after having a stroke in 2003. I am now a Stroke Survivor since January 28, 2003. Through Rehab I had to figure out how to keep my brain alive & getting my speech back. Which I am 95% back to where I can live independently with little or no assistance.

Back in Sept 2009, decided to go to a restaurant with a friend while sitting in the restaurant eating. Over heard Live Music out on the patio. Sat down to listen to a country band who I never heard of. When the band went on break. I walked up to the Lead Singer. He said Hi I am Neil Russell, Welcome to Hooters. I then asked Neil Russell where I could find his music Neil said Reverbnation.Checked it out on Reverbnation, became a fan & shared his music on Facebook. In the meantime I looked through Neils Favorite Artists Recommendation List. Listened to them, became a fan, became friends on facebook & shared their music on Facebook. As I was doing that on Facebook. I noticed that their were more Solo Artists/Bands to go out & listen to. I did that for awhile.Then decided to merge everything together onto Facebook.

Then I had to switch my life around once again in 2012 to only be at home mostly & devote my time to Music Online listening to many Music Artists Worldwide through my various Web Pages.

I was then offered by World5 to see if I was interested in becoming a Team Member at World5 to Share their Songs, Music Videos & whatever else needed to be done to get heard & seen.I agreed upon it.

As I learned about World5 & learned more about the Music Business .I will grow with them as I continue to Support & Promote World5 the best I can to my knowledge. Unfortunately the circumstance have changed as shown above.

I have changed my Title over the years from Local/National/Global Music Supporter September 2009 to present including Independent Music Supporter at KLH Music Promotion March 2014 to present.

Effective October 30, 2014 Job Title has been changed from Independent Music Supporter -  Self Employed at KLH Music Promotion to Music Supporter & Street Team Member to Rocky Athas - Self Employed at KLH Music Promotion.  See below for more details.

Below you will see where you can find me.  Feel feel to stop by anytime.

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Currently I am a Music Supporter & Street Team Member to Rocky Athas Lead Guitarists to John Mayall

Rocky Athas is currently Rockin' the Blues on Tour with John Mayall.
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Share Music, Photos, News Press Release & much more Requested by Rocky Athas while Rockn' the Blues on Tour with John Mayall,

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